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Record a whole series at the touch of a button with Verizon and give your memory a little break. What makes the perfect bar? Is it the warm welcome a flow of conversation or is it the time it takes to create Bell's two hearted perennial autism. Ales Bells. April is Jamming and A B C's got the stuff with special episodes of all your favorite series, like the Catch Secrets and Lies and Grey's Anatomy. Plus a great lineup of all your favorite blockbuster movies. All right here on ABC, your screen is your window to the world. So why wouldn't you want one that's virtually borderless with millions of pixels worth of detail. So anywhere you view it, there's no limit to where it can take you. The Dell XPS 13 2 and one with an infinity edge display and seven Gen Intel core processor as real as it gets experience it. The new Gillette Mach three Turbo G force total comfort even against the grain and a bold new look and feel Gillette, the best a man can get caught in the water with a shark, no cage, no protection as the predator swims closer fear overwhelms the body. Only one thing enters the mind. What if I miss this shot a day in the life of a National geographic filmmaker? Get your fears into perspective, shock files. Coming soon to National Geographic Channel. Our friends and loved ones are spread all across America, but we all need to stay in touch just as well. Then that Verizon has simplified the cost of your calls and your broadband. So you won't have to cut them short. Verizon wireless.