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your laundry smells like a cross between stinky cheese and feet while your dog appreciates it. You're closed home thankfully. You discovered tide pods. Sure, that's the fantastic food and drinks, the activities and shows the games that pool and that cabin. But you should probably go ashore every once in a while. Carnival Cruise line. So fun. You might not want to leave the Mercedes s class sedan. It's design, technology and performance make you feel that was a rush. Your old cybersecurity isn't getting better. But the criminals are so before your information winds up on the dark web, you need to upgrade to the peace of mind that only Lifelock can offer. We brought in this M. M. A. Fighter to see who is tougher him or this. Glad force flex trash bag. O fists aren't doing anything to wear down the force flex. Go ahead, try to kick A T and T. S. Got the widest coverage area with the biggest number of cell towers across America and it's all in five G. So, can you hear me now? Isn't a phrase? You'll be hearing a lot of