Deep Voices

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Voices leading toward deep. sonorous ovetones. Peacful, firm, dark, heavy, plesant

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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to those who do the hard work day after day, that don't do 9 to 5. You never know what the day may hold to those who risk it all who run to face danger. Imagine a place where icy waters are fed by the flow of the Humboldt current, where deep fjords tower over a rugged terrain surrounded by glaciers glistening under the southern sun. Imagine a vast landscape off undisturbed natural beauty. Life is a curious thing. On one hand, it's a boundless horizon, full of endless opportunity, but with each opportunity, journey can often feel overwhelming. Good happens when we remove barriers of impossibility of inability and forsake stability and find humility. Forest long as we could remember. But Cosmos was quiet, peaceful until one shattering day. We heard the death cry of a galaxy. At first we understood our purpose to heal and bring peace. If you're looking for a sandwich that gives you all the fields, stop on your nearest even Stevens and find your perfect match. Why do politicians resort to such underhanded tactics? Do they really think it helps their campaign? It's ugly, uncalled for and deceitful. You want I will vote, then focus on the issues that affect all of us.