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This is the cardio check. P A a fast and reliable partner for measuring your lipid levels such as cholesterol, HDL drug Lyssarides, an LDL calculated with a Friedwald formula. All within two minutes. Getting your numbers is quick and easy. You can do it yourself or have someone help you. All you need is the cardio check. P A lipid panel test strips a Lansing device, a pipette and gauze pad. Let's go switch on the device display shows the software version you are using the date and time. Now, insert the memo chip and compare the lot number. The lot number on the memo Chip and test strip vile. Should match. Insert the test strip and push it all the way up. Now you're ready to collect a blood sample, please make sure your hands are clean and warm. Place the Lansing device on the site of a fingertip and pushed the trigger. Wipe the first drop of blood with a gauze pad. Now press your finger and absorb the drop of blood with a pipette. Place the pipe head above the measurement field of the cardio. Check P A and empty it. Now you're finished. The measurement starts automatically after a maximum of two minutes, you will see the results. All data are stored with date and time. Cardio Check p a. The fast and reliable way to get laboratory grade lipid measurements at home.