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I have narrated over 100 e-learning courses for students and staff in well known universities and companies. This is a short roll up of a few courses that I recently worked on summer 2022 for Deloitte, McKinsey, Market Weekly, UCL London, Novo Pen and the University of Leicester.

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what is unconscious bias. Unconscious bias affects how we view and treat others. It's a powerful part of our minds that shapes our opinions, attitudes and actions. But what does that really mean? In this course? We will explore what unconscious bias is and where it comes from. You'll have the chance to reflect on unconscious bias, including your own biases, by answering questions throughout the course. Let's begin by joining Anya, a client account manager at an animation company. A succession plan equips managers to think about short, medium and longer term resourcing needs and take action to recruit and develop the right people to perform roles in the team. Sometimes you'll know well in advance if a team member is going to leave. U. C L. A planned retirement is a good example, but other times there are three types of channels within the digital marketing ecosystem. Owned, paid and earned owned channels are in an organization's direct span of control. Take the medicine and Riley APP and website. The website also impacts channels like search, for example, by writing relevant content on their own site medicine, and Riley will rank higher in organic search results. I already know the AP a perception code. I tried, but I didn't get a result when I scanned. Thanks. Thank you for helping me with AP a troubleshooting. You must use MF PN for all new investments. During this course, you will review the firm policy on the use of MF PN and go through some case studies to help you work through the impact of this policy on your own investment choices. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the firm policy around MF PN and how it applies to you. Let's find out more. Select the next button to continue. This is the mini MBA in marketing Weekly Podcast. Welcome. Mark has asked me to be the voice of the course and I'll be popping up weekly to read you some of the material that has been set on the course.