Interview session-male and female voice

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My demo showcases an interview between a host and a actress. I did both of the voices.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Indian (General) North American (General) Spanish (South American - Colombian)


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Hey, guys, Welcome to my short. This is your right. And And to raise our episode, we're gonna meet a special guest. And this episode is gonna be very special, because this is not a normal day. We are gonna have a guessing. Other exciting que And she has famous. Very famous, actually. She has very famous for her roles and Disney princesses. And she has She played jasmine and every so many roles. And so let's give it up for a single. Hi, guys. How about you? Thank you guys. Hi. How are you? Have you bean? Yeah, I'm great. How about you? Young grade. So how is your showing? How is your kids? Yeah, they ain't got. So tell me something about your movies, and it's been a while. Okay, So the last movie I ****** us. You guys know so e saw the whole balloting in front of your office. I know where if you have put it, you know, like, purposely, since I'm a raving No, Actually, it's a coincidence. We never let balance hang on our votes, so it's kind of a coincidence there. Okay, Charlie film, As I was saying so I played the chance me about him like a lot in, so it was pretty much affecting. So Thanks, Tony. It's funny thing, actually. How I ended up in because it's almost a markup car. I had to put makeup as an Indian day single. I have I was putting up a new cup. I know how it works. Trying. So instead of four, that and everything. I went and I was putting on the makeup The ecstatic tal who was supposed to go on the movie here, actually, like, he asked me to come to this change in, but only make up for the Jasmine character. Nothing. And it kind of happened all of a sudden, almost like looking pretty in your breathing. They just caught me in the room. Actually, you make it very, very, very easy, Thio easy for you. So it's hard for us to believe so yeah, it's kind of funeral. Depart, Tracee. Where? It was a big it was a chaos, actually, in front of office since I'm your best friend, so yeah. Okay. Let's talk about something. So how is your kids here tree Since this morning and everything, it's kind of, you know, be seeing I couldn't see my kids for life, My big boy. So you know Joshi, So I couldn't You know he won't sleep without me. So it's kind of hard for me. He has to come to come to this set, be with me. So it was 10 phone, missy, and everything was so traumatic, You know, big. You know, Daisy Jama was going on in my home, so you have to listen to that. Yeah. So it's a big deal? I guess so, Yeah. We are gonna go for a break right now, and we'll and we'll talk later. So give it up, guys.