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stored and pig bladders sealed with a string. Oil paints were time consuming, dried out quickly and didn't travel well. The invention of paint tubes enable to painting revolution, artists could escape the indoors and take inspiration directly from nature plus experiment more freely with colours. This ushered in the impressionist era as you saw in module to fraud prevention is complex. In this module, we're going to learn how to identify fraud and emails, fishing is the most common cause of breaches and health care. And phishing scams are more and more difficult to spot. So examine every message you receive with this three point checklist. Mhm. The Meisner technique is all about instinct, getting out of your head and finding your authentic character work that needs to be done before you go anywhere near a script. It's three main tenants are emotional preparation, repetition and improvisation. Click next to launch a deep dive into practices that help build your emotional preparation.