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for two centuries. The prevailing wisdom was that giraffes develop their long necks so they could reach food in a tall tree. But a new study provides a different theory. It started with the observation that giraffes don't usually eat from tall trees. Instead they often bend over for food. Male giraffes, however, to battle each other for access to females using what else their next in the original Peter pan. Both the play in 1904 and the novel in 1911, Tinkerbell was a minor supporting character, a little more than a common ferry, as her creator, J and Barry described her. But when walt, Disney bought the rights in the 19 fifties, this magical pixie became one of the stories most iconic characters. Nice people aren't supposed to thrive in Hollywood, but sometimes there are exceptions, Jennifer Gardner is one of them ever since she broke into the business in the late 90s, Garner has brought an authentic humanity to every one of her roles and according to some that's been the secret to her success. If you want to experience the real hawaii, you need to venture off the resort property and explore the wild corners of this tropical paradise. Like here in hawaii, with rugged mountains rising from the coastline and lush trails that lead to weeping waterfalls. This is what Hawaii looked like before the tourists showed up. Mhm. Yeah