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let's begin by answering the first question, probably on your mind. What is records and information management? The records and information management program, also known as our I Am, helps Cabela's manage the various types of records that air produced as a normal part of our daily business operations. The epidemiology database Dashboard provides the option to search the database and download the data. This functionality is provided by the Data Query tool, which can be accessed using the data query button located on the left navigation bar. Shootings have occurred in workplaces, college, university settings, shopping malls, places of worship and government buildings. This program covers prevention, intervention and response from the corporate, personal and law enforcement perspectives. Each of us is composed of trillions of cells that work in harmony to carry out in nearly infinite array of intricate, life sustaining functions. To accomplish this extraordinary task, every cell in the body depends on a constant supply of nutrients derived from the foods we eat. Patients often fail to take their medication as directed, and there is mounting evidence that this has a negative impact on clinical and financial outcomes. In healthcare, this module covers some of the barriers to medication adherence, as well as several strategies that may help patients follow their treatment plans. Our universe begins not with a bang, but with a deep silence. Molecules vibrate in the empty nothingness surrounding them and fill the infinite space with a restless energy. This presentation will take you through that vast space. Click the planet Earth to begin your journey through the cosmos.