Remie Michelle Clarke - Audiobook (General British)



Voiced and produced this audiobook for author Signe Knutson and Audible.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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what is magic or should we say magic with a K? According to Arthur C. Clarke, magic is science. We don't understand yet. Some say magic is simply sleight of hand and the type of stage tricks that boggle the mind and often include rabbits and women getting cut in half. Magic with the K implies sorcery, witches and wizards spells, charms and curses. The word magic from Latin magica. Now Magic asse adjective was used by the ancients, then reserved by performers. I claim back the term magic for the millions, mostly women who were sacrificed for being witches for the crimes of herbal medicine. Moonlit rituals, nature worship, family planning, connection with universal forces, being female or owning a cat. Let's take back magic for good. Now magic implies, manifestation. Miracles, gifted four sites and communicative ability. What is money? Money is energy. Your mind creates money. Only human minds create money. The only money that exists is due to human thought. In the 21st century, we are becoming a diverse society with the holistic world view. Science shows that we measurably change outcomes of experiments by our presence, thought and belief. People from all walks of life of prosperous money itself is infinite. No longer limited to the gold standard and increasingly associated with imagination. Cryptocurrency there is infinite money and it is up to us to step into the flow of infinite money. Sources. Knowledge, creativity, thought and wisdom are payable resources. We can access money, the power of our minds without destroying Earth's resources. We co create good money with revolutionary acts aligning sustainably with the environment and biosphere. Yes. Mm.