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This high torque guide wire is intended to facilitate the placement of balloon Dilip Ation catheters during perk you teii gnaeus trans Luminal angioplasty P T A. In arteries such as the ephemeral papa teal and infra pop little arteries. This guide wire may also be used with compatible stent devices during therapeutic procedures. The following learning exercises will put the material we have covered previously in the training into Real World examples. You will be presented with four scenarios. After each scenario, we will answer four questions. One. What indicators are present? Two. Is there a reasonable cause to suspect abuse or maltreatment? Three. Is there a parent or other person responsible for the suspected abuse or maltreatment? For what should your next steps be deciding? If a pet is right for you, we will review commitment, budgeting, animal selection, veterinarians, trainers and where to find that perfect pet. The second half of the discussion will be about pet ownership. Topics to be discussed will include wellness, nutrition training, multiple pets, pet safety, pat laws and pet custody. Finally, we'll provide you with resource is so you'll have an opportunity to reach out on your own or how to find additional help for your search.