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High Energy, Hot Rod National Event Demo

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drags entitled center presents The Night Under Fire Jet Show Saturday, August 11 with three machine jets Semi truck well standing back home. More cycles. Mid America Funny. The battle of the 300 MPH parking passes Air free skyview drags dot com or call 676879392 The Night Under Fire Jack Show Saturday, August 11 17 Only of Skyview drag style. Don't miss any attorney. Drag racing at London Trade winds Bluegrass Nationals May 9th Intense the biggest race ever at London Drank way. $25,000 up for grabs and burning drags Cars and drama, plus Jeff Funny Car +93 Friday and Saturday and new experience up Close Excitement in the pit. Gordon London dragway dot com. For more, take 9 75 Exit 41 East. A white oak row for the test car. Bluegrass National Children 12 and Under free Friday and Saturday at London Dragway 39 to 16 that Wichita International Raceway. It's the World Street Nationals presented bythe best all out streetcars in the Midwest coming for cash this Saturday night, 41 willing, My Cooper 64 GTO in Robert's phone heavy Camaro. My through its 55 Chevy Larry Farmers Mahdi Howard, 57 ship ship Roberts, Long Horse, 65 must stand Williams Twin Camaro, Scott Wells told Charge 74 2 and the list goes on and on 200 mile per hour. Six second door slammers. It's huge thes dragsters roar from Syria and 300 miles an hour night for burning 300 miles machines. You're gonna see the lane with 25 Will Lucas Oil and HR nationals. Three days of hold on excitement, top names and drag racing Coming to do battle at world famous Raynard International Raceway Way begins Friday, August deep, with final eliminations set for Sunday, August 15. So bring your family for an experience. I will never forget any joy. Raise every ticket to into the pits or your tickets today by calling 866444 44 55 or by logging on any trade dot com. It only happens once a year. 25th annual Lucas Oil and a sorry national August 12 to 15 that Brainard International Raceway, fastest funny cars and top fuelers in the world. Religions fall will miss be destroyed gotta see it to believe this is a in a jury or a drag racing series. Very real power experience. Any trade drag racing action as bogeys. Unlimited percent in 2007. Bluegrass Nationals at London Dragway Overcharge dragsters, Funny cars blown all turns Pro mods must Kentucky's first over golf CART race as the meal standing Golf CART race for thousands of dollars to big days of ground pounding excitement. A limited 12 London frankly dot conference will be a part of the action. Is any trees nationally known commentator Bob Fry Films A TV segment to be televised on Inside drag racing at London Dragway 75 x 41 White Oak Road Sky drags in. Toyota Center presents the night under Fire show. Saturday, August 11th The Extreme Machine Jet semi truck got the wheel standing back. Oh, jet powered motorcycles in America. Funny cars. You've got to see the battle of the 300 mile an hour jet marking, and it passes are free to skyview drags dot com or call 67687939 to the night under Fire Jet show Saturday, August 11th at 7 p.m. Only at Sky View drags Yoga Center