Animation Demo Reel



Selection of animated characters performed by R. John

This demo reel can best be described as: funny , charming , cute , goofy , lisp , cartoony , comedic , sleazy , villain , villainous , smarmy , mobster , untrustworthy , sly , mischievous , leprechaun , Irish , high pitched , sing song , southern , redneck , country , folksy , American , patriotic , proud , buddy , pal , relatable , old woman , British , English , mature , grandmother , nurturing , old man , rabbi , yiddish , jewish , commanding , sergeant , police officer , authoritative , authority , military , general , commander , surprised , sci-fi , gentleman , aristocrat , wacky , zany , absurd , madcap , quirky , nutty

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Senior (55+)


Italian (American) North American (General) North American (US South)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hi. It's your pool. I love chicken fights, water polo and under white tea Party. The next time you invite guests over, give me a little heads up. Now, throw ups and Polly seem blowing. Really? Sparkles a kid over here inside your radio names. Dani, I'm in energy. Hog energy hog Got work, teaches kids how to get rid of us energy hawks where you're going without gold coin. What's the good of the gold if you can't spend it? Have you forgotten the law of the lepre cons? Get your grubby hands off that heart. The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah has many traditions. One of the oldest is playing the cradle. But the players do is you spin the dreidel toe win money, chocolate gelt, sometimes raisins. Don't worry. We're here to help. We're not gonna hurt you. What are you doing? Insurgencies. Gonna reward me pretty for this. I'm 1/2 full beer kind of guy off 69 on 69 kind of guy and America kind of kind of guy. And damn nothing lights me up more than watching that freedom flag. My scarf looks as good as new. How that Stuart is a master of fashion. If he wasn't such a dandy, I wouldn't purchase so many of his clues. I am so ready for the science experiment tomorrow. It's going to be astronomical. I've got everything ready. We've gotten reports of a homicidal anomaly. We're from a small town in Georgia. Here. The coordinates. What's the assumed threat level? According to security footage, it's a level orange, possibly read. Understood. Send out empty fl for six federal union. It must be preserved. The Constitution defines and declares, What is treason? Let us talk about things by their right names.