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    Leprechaun Voices

    Need a voice that can take you over the rainbow and back? A leprechaun voice can be whimsical, mysterious and high energy.

    The leprechaun is a mythological creature, who is short in stature, mischievous and usually has an Irish accent, as the leprechaun is native to Irish folklore. The leprechaun is a prankster and will joke around, attempting to bring himself satisfaction through pranks and tricks. The leprechaun is also traditionally a solitary creature, and may prefer solitude.

    The leprechaun may sound scheming when it is creating a trick, or fearful when it is caught, either physically or in it’s tricks. The leprechaun is also cheery and can often be seen laughing. The leprechaun may also be musical, singing Irish folk songs and playing instruments.

    The leprechaun is an interesting character to voice, as this Irish character has much to the folklore that can be used as a baseline for observing the characteristics of the behaviour and attitude of the leprechaun. It is recommended to read up on the character before voicing it, and reading up on the leprechaun will help you to sell your performance of this character.

    Maybe you're looking for an upbeat and energetic leprechaun voice that can get your audience excited, or you could need a down on their luck leprechaun that hasn't seen the sun in many months. No matter what specific kind of leprechaun you need, you'll be able to find it here by browsing the voice actors below.