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This showcases the lesson plan of attitude along with an anecdote to make everyone understand about the value of the best attitude where ever they are living in their life.

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Hi, Children. Welcome back. One more session. I'm J LACMA capacity your life skills Coach, over here And today we're going to discuss apart one more wonderful topic, which is an attitude. It will be a little lengthy away. I would liketo discuss about this and make you guys understand how, exactly it is really important. And what exactly is attitude about? All right, here we go In psychology on attitude refers to instead ofthe emotions, beliefs and behaviours. Words a particular object person think are uneven, isn't it? Attitudes are often the result of experience are bringing and they can have a powerful influence over behaviour. While attitudes are enduring, they can also change that change is really required for every individual because many individuals, many perceptions and many thought process keep happening right and we talk about character sticks off attitude had a cute are the complex combination ofthe things. We tend to call personality beliefs, values, behaviours and motivations as well. It can fall anywhere along a continent from very favourable, very unfavourable. Everyone respected off their status, our intelligence, whole attitudes. So a very positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs off life. It brings optimism into your life on makes it easier to avoid what is a negative thinking many a times when we practised this. If we adopted as a way oflife, it would bring constructive changes into your life and make them happier and brighter and more successful. So let's understand this attitude with a wonderful example. Like with a wonderful storey. A small storey starts from our home like when we talk about a mother many times we will become consumers as Children, right? But when are we gonna become contributors? Let's think about this and let's have a small anecdote, which is very interesting. And it's a real time storey as well, Right? Have you go one day? A mother who is blessed with two Children. I would like to go and take her off her mother when she is in a neat so immediately Mother just spoke to the elder child, saying that I'll be away for a while. You need to take care off your sibling. Then the child said, Okay, it's all right. I'll be taken care, but you need to come back very soon. She promises the same way, and she leaves and hear the routine starts to be younger child Early in the morning he wake up the sibling, the younger sibling on takes care of the breakfast right from brushing till the night supper. Right? The routine start like waking him up, giving him the breakfast on DH, taking him to the school with the lunchbox and again evening coming back, a snack the next. Taking care of the home worlds as everyday Mom, keep doing this and at last supper as well. After that, they went on two days, went on three days, went on after a week or so Mother will be back in and in the meanwhile this whole week has been doing that disabling. He feels so frustrated after a couple of days. But still you know, that's a promise which he had made. Mother, he continued doing this with a lot of frustration. The day mother is back, This this child feel so frustrated and says, Oh my God, Mom, you're back. I'm very happy now. At least you're back and you can take her off him. Then she says. What happened? Nothing happened as promise have taken care of the other sibling, but now I just have wrote one letter. Enough. Cap it on my table. Just read out the letter and do the things. What? I've been asking you in the letter and he leaves to the school along with siblings. So, mother, after all, the world ban sibling on child Children had already left to the schools. Then happily, she goes to the table and she opens the letter. What the child is written in The child has given a bill for his model saying that Mom, every day Good. I mean, taken care off a sibling early in the morning, making him get up. Okay, 100 piece like that, Making breakfast, 100 piece, preparing lunch and packing the box 500 please. You know are bringing him back from the school giving him the snack, making him do the homework. I mean ₹1000. And after that, giving him supper and making him to go to sleep ₹500. It's a total bill at the end saying that total ₹10,000. Mother reads everything and you know she understands. What is this? Taking her off a sibling. My own blood and flesh. My child has given me a bill off ₹10,000. It's alright on mother thought. Okay, let me just make him understand What exactly is the responsibility every time? Children, We cannot become the consumer, but we need to become a contributor. Mother's plans for a lesson to teach him a lesson. So at the moment the boys back home mother gives him the letter. So this is the response to your letter and the child Happy opens and starts reading in a mother again The same base erode. I mean putting you into my own for nine months Taken care off you till now giving you breakfast Total physical took love taking care ofthe your school work or maybe lunch box. Whatever it is, it is Total comes to love And whenever you're not feeling well I've been taking care ofthe u total value is love And like this she has put everything and everything costed love Even the granddaughter has come back Toa grand Total moms love and reading this the boy really gets I mean, his eyes welled up dear started trickling onto the cheeks and after that he went toe his mother and said, Mom, I'm very sorry. My attitude towards you and words My sibling is absolutely negative which I have to really, really understand. And I've understood from today not only becoming a consumer, I will contribute and become a contributor as another child to you. Every time you know what happens many times our attitude, our feelings. If we don't have this positivity and this will go a little into a negative way, things will always pic into a negative way. So any time all the Children starting from the home itself and we feel that we are responsible to take care off our house Take her off my mom. Take it off. Our siblings taken off our father. So be it. Ah, consumer, It is not possible. So at times you have to become a contributor in need. Not every time, but at least you need. If Mom is out off the house off course as elder sibling I'ma be younger sibling, whomever it is, we need to take care of them. And we have to do our justice as a contributor off the host. So just like this, when you come back to society, when you come back to the school, when you come back to your college wherever you are. Don't ever become a consumer alone, but don't become a contributor with a positive attitude. So this is what is today's lesson. Children, I trust you understand. And from today you think about the attitude. Positive attitude, you know, never become a negative attitude person. But I think in a positive way, become an optimistic and become a contributor along with the consumer wish you all the best Children and let's catch the game. In another lesson plan, which will be more interesting, I trust you're all enjoying this joyful earning's I'll bet comeback with so many anecdote, so many experiences with very good stuff. Thank you so much for listening and take her off yourself. Love you all so much here. I don't mind, but I take care.