Online Classes for Children



These are life skills sessions for school children which are taken online in this Covid19 pandemic.

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Hello, Children. Greetings to everybody. I'm jealous. We copy city. I'm a psychologist and your life skills coach. A society can be judged from what it does for his Children. There is no denying that you Children hold the key to everyone's future and have you grow and inspired. This goes a long way in making this world about the place. In fact, it is a desire to provide the best of the Children that drives the world around is the vision and the goal off a graft today. And let's go ahead with today's lesson plan. This is my first lesson plan for all of you. I came up with the one different subject, which you really like a belief on, which is which is really important as well. Today. Our lesson plan kick starts as a bee CDs. Are you wondering? Of course, Yes, it is a BCD. I mean, in life, we have a B CDs, life skills, ABC cities we called the mass. In fact, we all have learned when we're in Katie classes that we have learned, like if for Apple B for ball and C for cat stuff like this, right? But now we will be learning life skills. A B CDs. Let's go ahead with a A is for attitude. Every individual needs the best attitude, the way you always show your attitude. It always speaks volumes about you. So just like that, coming to be B is about your balancing off emotions. How do you balance your emotions when you feel so happy and when you feel so sad? I mean, have you balance your emotions? I mean on DH, take you off yourself and coming toe. See C stands for communication communication, which is really important these days. Have you communicate with your parents with your teachers on with your friends as well, and also how you communicate your own self many a times. It is very important and coming tow The day is for discipline. How disciplined you in your education and your life. I mean, how are you taking care ofthe your things around on other things on coming Tau e stands for education. How is your education going on? That is very important because education and discipline goes hand in hand there, like just too wise. If we say which is important, can we say our right time is important and maybe our left eye is important. No way, Right. Both the eyes are important the same way. Our education and even discipline are very much important. So just like this, I would like to go with many lesson plans. I mean, completely giving you all the details about these Abie CDs in my coming courses. And now when I talk about the things all the Children are facing Children, I'm telling you one thing. Never lose your nerve and goto nuts at any point of time. Sometimes life will turn cold but have patience. It will pay backward and we can work wonders for sure. When I talk about patients, I remember patients with family is love patients with others is respect. Patients with self is confidence on patients with God is faith the Children here I remained with this but have tonnes and tonnes of patients. I really love to look forward to make many lesson plans for you and for today take it off yourself. Bye bye and have joyful earnings ahead. Bye