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Voice Over • Animation


Used copy to help inspire first two voices the rest were purely improv. All were recorded in home.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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shock. I order you to chomp your way to that blue power rocket. Yes, thanks to you, robo Viper. The whole world will soon be covered in toxic slime. What did you say? Then my ear get loose and if Draven has to make more slime, he'll have to leave the ultimate garage. A cyborg that's turning everybody into statues. I'm uh stopped him immediately. You must be the evil cyborg with my super transformation powers, you can't defeat me. These are the great jewels of old Princess Croatia. They've been passing down the family for generations. It has been said, all you need is one and it can cure any ailment. That's why they're so hard to come by you guys. This is Ted Templeton on reporting the news again, it's gonna be 90 degrees out the side with the chance of sunshine. Just make sure he'd turn your umbrellas. You don't get that sunburn again and put down some of that sunscreen. Oh the **** gummy worms. Let me get one of those little gummy gummy worms. Yes,