Audiobook - Fantasy, Character Voices


Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Once there was a tribe who worship the Great Moon, a beautiful silver disc in the sky. But one day the righteous leader looked up and saw that half the moon was gone. It's been stolen, he cried. The people were enraged. A war party traveled to the village of the neighboring tribe, whom they did not trust. But the other leaders saw things differently. We still nothing. The moon is not a silver disc. It is a silverleaf, she pointed to the sky is proof. This is the moon and it is our moon. The leaders each accused the other of lying, and soon the two tribes were at war. Many people died. One night, both tribes found themselves lost in darkness. The moon had completely vanished. All the people were frightened until a child spoke up. Don't you see? The child asked. But the adults could see only darkness. Children do not see with just their eyes, they see with their hearts. We all live under the same moon. Finally understanding. The people stopped fighting and the moon smiled