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the acronym Maverick stands for Mocha Melissa Mob Anti CCR four Antibody versus Comm Parador in C. TCL also referred to as Trial one in the Po Taleggio prescribing Information, Maverick was an international open label, randomized controlled Phase three trial of Po Taleggio in previously treated cutaneous T cell lymphoma, or C TCL. The trial randomized patients with my Cose, Istvan guides and Cezary Syndrome, who had been treated with at least one prior systemic therapy to either Pota Liggio or Berenice Tat. Maverick was a pivotal trial used in the approval of Pota Liggio in the treatment of my Cose, Istvan Guides and Cezary syndrome. In this module, we will define key clinical endpoints used in the approval of treatments in C TCL, including my closest Fungicides and Cezary syndrome, and we will review these end points within the context of the maverick study. It is important that you have a working knowledge of these clinical endpoints as they will aid in the understanding and interpretation of the Po Taleggio clinical trial results. Now let's get started