Role: Narrator Political Scientific Host/interviewer Storyteller Middle Aged Young Adult
Style- Authentic Conversational Natural Youthful Mature Professional Professorial Serious

Mars_National Geographic Channel: Young Adult Middle Aged Generation X Generation Y Scientist Narrator Spokesperson Storyteller Educational Scientific Sophisticated Technical Resonant Velvety Confident Narrator Informative Authoritative Confessional Authentic Believable Brave Explosive Edgy Deep Smooth Strong Measured Moody Mysterious Ominous Natural Serious Strong Trustworthy Documentary Promo

Political Ad: Young Adult Generation X Generation Y Politician Motivational speaker Girl next door Interviewer Spokesperson Political Professional Informative Narrator Straightforward Authentic Believable Authoritative Persuasive Radio Strong Hard sell Enthusiastic Concerned Commanding Confident Serious Bold Genuine Engaging Middle Aged

Croatia (Island Hunters): Generation X Generation Y Spokesperson Playful Narrator Host Interviewer Girl next door Announcer Narrator Authentic Believable Dynamic Warm Confident Conversational Upbeat Friendly Engaging Enthusiastic High energy Sincere Middle Aged Smiling Energetic Bubbly Natural Endearing Easygoing Commanding Young Adult Internet Audiobooks

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North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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home that place where you feel safest that place where you belong. Six months ago we left that place. We shut the comfort of our warm blue planet across the void to a new world. And even though we may not belong here, it is our mission to make this place home. Mars Global Event. Siri's Prop. 56 is a massive tax increase being promoted by health insurance companies and other wealthy special interests. They're using 56 to get $1 billion a year from it. Located between Italy and Greece and Central Europe, Croatia has made a name for itself as one of the pre Mier vacation destinations in the world.