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Internet Cartoon Animation Middle Aged Young Adult Child
Excitable Newscaster (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation X Generation Y Reporter Newscaster Animated Amusing Authentic Believable Cartoon Friendly Dynamic Enthusiastic Genuine Serious Quirky Upbeat Bubbly Eccentric Energetic Funny High strung Humorous Perky

Sexy wife (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation Yuppie Soccer mom Playful Mother Housewife Flirt Animated Warm Authentic Believable Cartoon Engaging Genuine Endearing Flirty Internet Commercial Sultry Romantic Feminine Perky Flirty

Louise-Jingle (Bob’s Burger’s): Child Characters Generation Y Playful Annoying Kid Brat Heckler Kid next door Animated Witty Wacky Amusing Annoying Antagonistic Authentic Attitude Believable Cartoon Know it all Dynamic Enthusiastic Genuine Bossy Snarky Quirky Confident Sarcastic Proud Singing Cute Funny Perky

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well, Dallas, let's literally raining cats and dogs out here. I just saw a dog fall out of the sky so pulled onto your pets and make sure toe have them spayed and neutered. The kids. Oh, the kids. I dropped the kids off it. Moms, I think we should do this weekly. I love that idea. Let's do that idea. I like you. That was really good. How about this one? Told you to break up Carney and you know