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Narration-Audiobook Reel Order: Additional accents, roles, and styles listed after the colon :)

1_Croatia (Island Hunters): Generation X Generation Y Spokesperson Playful Narrator Host Interviewer Girl next door Announcer Narrator Authentic Believable Dynamic Warm Confident Conversational Upbeat Friendly Engaging Enthusiastic High energy Sincere Middle Aged Smiling Energetic Bubbly Natural Endearing Easygoing Commanding Young Adult Internet Audiobooks

2_Eat Pray Love: Generation X Generation Y Narrator Storyteller Motivational speaker Girl next door Coach Narrator Authentic Believable Warm Conversational Casual Uplifting Engaging Enthusiastic Imaging Reassuring Sincere Playful Natural Easygoing Commanding Young Adult Audiobooks

3_Hold Voice: Generation X Generation Y Phone operator Narrator Girl next door Authentic Believable Warm Classy Confident Friendly Trustworthy Soothing Engaging Informative Sincere Smiling Smooth Genuine Natural Calming Young Adult Telephone

4_Dark Net: Generation X Generation Y Narrator Announcer Narrator Educational Authentic Believable Confident Conversational Dangerous Edgy Technical Engaging Sincere Sophisticated Straightforward Smooth Serious Genuine Persuasive Natural Concerned Commanding Young Adult Promo Internet Documentary

5_50-Shades Of Grey: Generation X Generation Y Storyteller Narrator Authentic Believable Confident Casual Submissive Sultry Engaging Imaging Romantic Sincere Smooth Playful Natural Young Adult Middle Aged Audiobooks

6_Costa Rica: Generation X Generation Y Narrator Host Interviewer Narrator Authentic Believable Confident Dangerous Casual Upper class Exotic Soothing Slow paced Engaging Monotone Sincere Straightforward Smooth Serious Natural Commanding Young Adult Middle Aged Promo Documentary

7_ABC mouse: Mother Teacher Generation X Generation Y Teacher Spokesperson Playful Narrator Motivational speaker Girl next door Coach Announcer Narrator Educational Authentic Believable Caring Warm Confident Conversational Upbeat Friendly Professional Engaging Enthusiastic High energy Knowledgeable Informative Sincere Smiling Energetic Genuine Bubbly Motivational Young Adult Promo Commercial

The vocal quality you hear on this demo is the quality you will get when you hire me. The following reel I created on my own. Meaning, I didn’t pay a company to record/ edit/ sound design/etc. Every aspect of this reel was done by me, in my home studio. From pulling and or writing the scripts, order-cuts, recording, editing, sound design. All the music used is my own original music. Either pulled from my back catalog, or composed specifically for the reel.

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