Sarah Hethcoat_Original-Songs Compilation Reel

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This is a compilation reel of some of my original songs. I wrote or co-wrote all of them. I sang them, played on many of them, co-produced most of them. I own and control the masters and publishing for most of them. Full versions and stems available upon request.

Original Songs Singing Music Young Adult Middle Aged
Original-Songs Compilation Reel Order:
3_Choosing Day
4_What I’m Made Of
5_I Got You
7_Unkindest Cut
10_Pretty Boy
11_Every Time
14_You Tease Me
16_I Hate You
17_On an On
18_It’s Crazy Love
20_Not The Only One
22_Everybody Wants
24_Lovely Day

-Additional accents, roles, and styles for this reel listed here:
Young Adult Boss Bully Characters Country music star Everyman Girl next door Hip hop Hippie Hipster Mother Motivational speaker Narrator Playful Lyrical Authentic Believable Booming Bubbly Calm Calming Comforting Commanding Concerned Condescending Confessional Confident Confused Conversational Crazy Cynical Deep Defeated Dynamic Easygoing Edgy Enchanting Endearing Energetic Engaging Enthusiastic Excited Fast Paced Flirty Folksy Genuine Girly/Girlish Gravelly Gritty Grizzled Guttural Happy Happy go lucky Hard sell Heroic High energy High pitched High strung Hip Imaging Informative Inquisitive Inspirational Intimidating Laid back Mature Mellow Mischievous Moody Motivational Narrator Natural Nurturing Old time radio Ominous Passive Aggressive Perky Persuasive Playful Posh Proud Quirky Radio Raspy Reassuring Resonant Retro Reverent Romantic Sad Sarcastic Sassy Saucy Serious Sincere Slow paced Smiling Smooth Soothing Straightforward Strong Submissive Sultry Sweet Sympathetic Thoughtful Tough Trustworthy Understated Upbeat Uplifting Velvety Versatile Warm Whimsical Worried Youthful

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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way, way, way Maybe you can make even this time you give down maim, you get you come back home and I'll forgive you Want to get here way Way Morning will make believe you can go too far. You knew that I was lying. You call me beautiful. You You You crazy can like no before big being on time. I'm sorry, Won't have.