Betty Boop (Who Framed Roger Rabbit): US New England Boston Providence, US New York New Jersey Bronx Brooklyn North American Young Adult Characters Generation Y Vixen Starlet Playful Flirt Animated Authentic Believable Cartoon Sincere Friendly Genuine Classy Casual Sultry Sweet Sassy Bubbly Cute Perky Flirty

Sexy wife (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation Yuppie Soccer mom Playful Mother Housewife Flirt Animated Warm Authentic Believable Cartoon Engaging Genuine Endearing Flirty Internet Commercial Sultry Romantic Feminine Perky Flirty

Sandy Cheeks (Sponge Bob Square Pants): US Southwest Texas US South , Deep South , Dixie Delta , Young Adult , Characters , Generation Y , Southern belle , Redneck , Hillbilly , Animated , Wacky , Angry , Authentic , Believable , Cartoon , Country , Genuine , Quirky , Tough , Extreme, Over the top , Hysterical , Perky

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Vocal Characteristics




North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn) North American (US South)


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cigars, cigarettes? Any valiant. Long time no see the kids. Oh, the kids. I dropped the kids off it. Moms, I think we should do this weekly. I love that idea. Let's do that idea. Well, what would I want to do Any of that dump stuff for anyway?