Teen/Child: Sarah has a great voice for teaching small children. Also sizzle words for games like “You did it”, “good job!”

Veronica_ (Monster Island): Teen Characters Generation Y Buddy Girl next door Kid next door Hero Abrupt Animated Youthful Authentic Believable Cartoon Dynamic Engaging Bold Brave Commanding Enthusiastic Exhausted Frightened Genuine Endearing Panicky Strong Confident Perky

You Tube Learning: Young Adult Generation Y Narrator Scientist Teacher Animated Authentic Believable Bubbly Youthful Commanding Confident Dynamic Educational Energetic Engaging Enthusiastic Excited Friendly Genuine Knowledgeable Narrator Scientific Smiling Upbeat

ABC-WithTag (Singing): Singing Child Playful Kid Animated Kid next door Authentic Believable Youthful Confident Energetic Engaging Enthusiastic Excited Genuine High energy Lyrical Smiling Sweet Upbeat

Pepa Pig (Pepa Pig): British Child Characters Buddy Kid next door Kid Animated Youthful Authentic Attitude Awkward Believable Cartoon Sincere Genuine Passive Aggressive Quirky Cute

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


British (General) North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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I saw the kidnapper. You should have seen them. But be glad you didn't. He was horrendous. Welcome to Disney Story Time tap on the mouth years to go to your bookshelf and read a book. A B C D E f g h i j k u W Boco you can't come with, OK, It's not that I don't like you because I dio and it's not about the high thing because of it. But I do Miss Suzie a bit. Hello, Suzy. I'm sorry. I said you cheated even though you did cheat.