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On my Cartoons & Animation demo, I share a dozen of my favorite character voices, including a nerdy kid, a sassy old Southern lady, a conniving villianess, a young heroine, a tough little girl, a sic-fi SIRI type, a news reporter, an introspective woman, a British tween, a crazy girl and an authoritative military captain. I've got more like these up my sleeve! Contact me for a custom demo of your project!

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look around you. Even this is where the path of hatred has brought us. This is not the life I want to live. What's your name? You know, from your Are you what your hands so freakishly big feel? Hello. Police have discovered this was the work of a gang of ruthless, flesh eating zombies with attitude. And frankly, Chuck, I think they're going to have an effect on the mayor's ambitious urban renewal project. That's not what I said. I predicted what form her mutant powers would take, not when they would manifest. Oh, and that's the same actress playing both twins. They do Bacon era. It's controversial because it takes jobs away from other actresses who look like that actress jargon is inside. Weapons systems activated. So, baby, what do you boys about? Hope it's not not around. I have to give us Frank. I do his party just for you re surprised. Were you looking a welcome party with Bob? Does he really think I'd fall for that? Actually, it was a pretty good line. E think I might be on to something here. Well, it's no secret that the best thing about a secret, it secretly telling someone your secret, thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. Secretly, I want his power. I want to make him mine and become one with him. Refused to give up. This is nothing. This is everything. I need you guys to help me find someone with a problem I can fix before sundown.