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The tone is outgoing Optimistic Confident Approachable Articulate Authoritative Believable Bright Clear Energetic Engaging Enthusiastic Friendly Real Reassuring Relatable Natural Positive Upbeat Calm Casual Cheerful Classy Concerned Dynamic Engaging Fun Inviting Likable Lively Modern Optimistic Out-going Personable Refreshing Sincere Versatile Vibrant Vivid Vivacious and Warm

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North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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running a city is complex when emergencies and disruption occur. Efficiency of responses. Key egg Bert can be programmed to monitor details and notify you at the first signs of problems ranging from crime, floods and fires to water contamination, air quality and service outages. Your first response team can navigate situations faster and safer with the information Edberg provides. Edberg can make your city smarter. Retailers face challenges on every front. Your store needs to operate efficiently as possible, but you can only manage what you can see. EG bird can help you increase sales by monitoring foot traffic for smarter product placement and store design, with sensors monitoring key touch points. EG Bert collects information that can help reduce overhead by cutting lighting and h V A C costs. It can help avoid products, spoilage and spot possible maintenance issues before they become costly. Edberg can help you preserve your profit. Infrastructure is vital to trade, commerce and transportation. With Edward Systems placed a crucial junctures such as levees, locks, dams, shorelines, raised highways and bridges. You can have a comprehensive, real time look at the status, integrity and health of critical civil infrastructures. Edberg helps you detect stress strain, vibration patterns, flooding, leaking and other signs of problems that pose a danger to the public and could be expensive structural failures. Eggert creates intelligence out of chaos