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These scripts were written with my personal interests and desires in mind!

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Star Trek has been around for so long, it's become an integral part of our cultural landscape. But it's important to remember how groundbreaking it was when it first appeared. Star Trek was the first major television Siri's to feature a multicultural, multiracial cast. This sent a clear message. In the future, racial barriers will fall away. Located in the South Pacific, the beaches of New Zealand are some of the best in the world, but there's no place in this tropical paradise more idyllic than the Bay of Islands. Comprised of over 104. These small islands, this beautiful archipelago, will simply take your breath away. Mae West got her start in show business on the vaudeville circuit, starting at the age of 14 and traveling around the country for the next four years. But then, at the age of 18, she auditioned for her first Broadway show, Allah Broadway. It was a comedy. West nailed the audition, and while the show wouldn't last for long, her performance was a hit. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition that can affect virtually every aspect of a patient's life. It consists of two general phases. Manic episodes during which the patient may experience heightened energy levels, sleeplessness or paranoid delusions, and depressive episodes during which patients may find it difficult to get out of bed. Thes moods can shift suddenly or last for several weeks, making it a difficult condition to manage.