Who Runs the World - Documentary



This is about the durability of ANTS in the world. An upbeat telling of their story.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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We humans like to think that we run the world, but even in the heart of our great cities, a rival superpower thrives. The ants. These tiny creatures live all around us and vast numbers that we hardly even notice them, but in many ways it is they who really run the show. When ants march together, little can stand in their way, some 10,000 types are known. They outnumber us a million to one, and the total weight of ants matches that of the entire human race. But could these insect societies really have the edge on us? One man believes that they might. Professor Edward Wilson at Harvard University. His provocative insights on the social nature of both ants and humans provide a new understanding of what leads to biological success, and it's the insect societies that impress him the most.