Narration: Literary Fiction (Multiple Characters)

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This is a sample of an audition for the book Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian. It's in first person with multiple characters (with Indian accents). It's upbeat and the humor is witty and sharp.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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In summers past, I trips down to the neighborhood swimming pool, with Brockie and Anita and Karthik and Manu toting sunscreen that someone's mother had prescribed, which we would all ignore, opting to become the color and texture of bottom of the bag raisins. There had been a few day camps, one where I went trout fishing with a pink skinned park ranger to my Brahman mothers chagrin. In those summers, my dreams followed me into my waking hours, their logic lingering, turning the humid days magical, overlaying the season like a very thin net. If I wanted proof that summer had descended on Georgia, I had only to open my window. The insects were out Katie did, and cicadas and flashing lightning bugs. Little green constellations. Don't you have a sign reading? My mother said when I complained. The thing is, the Great Gatsby is a really short book, I pointed out, my father shouted from the bathroom over a trumpeting fart. In our schools, you never got 100% in anything, he flushed in the kitchen. Hands washed, he continued. 60% was considered very good. You should jolly will never be done on the first evening of my imprisonment. I grabbed the upstairs Corliss in hopes of calling Kartik to arrange a covert video game rendezvous. But my mother was already on the phone. I heard Mrs Bots voice on the other end of the line saying, and that Anjali, they all How would she go do something like that? Why Mosquito Donaghy? But Ramya. I saw her going into my bedroom during money's toast, and I waited so straying hooky. Maybe she just needs to use the bathroom. She should have been using the powder room. Who enters the master bathroom like that? But just wait. I sent Mina in use common Ebola. Mina, go see if Anjali anti needs something or if she's looking for me.