Charity Appeal - World Child Cancer (Warm, Sympathetic, Sincere)

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An authentic Voiceover to accompany an international charity appeal video

Recorded and Produced in my Home Studio.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire) British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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This is seven year old property. Perhaps she and her family live in a district of southern Bangladesh. When prepped, he first became unwell. Her local doctor didn't know what was wrong with her. It was only after Practise and her mother, Shano, made the 10 hour journey by bus to Dhaka Shi Xiu Hospital that they found out. Perhaps he had cancer. Perhaps he is currently receiving treatment for blood cancer. The hospital is busy, uncomfortable and property and Shana are missing life. A home practise is one of over 6000 Children who will develop cancer this year in Bangladesh. In developed countries like the UK, over 80% of Children with cancer survive. But as few as 10% of Children will survive in developing countries like Bangladesh. Due to a lack of trained doctors and nurses, little or no family support and limited access to treatment, many Children will never even receive an accurate diagnosis, let alone treatment. Well, child cancer is changing this by supporting the training of more health care professionals, providing families with emotional and financial support and empowering nurses. £15 pays for a nurse to attend a leadership training course in Bangladesh, giving them the skills to provide better care for Children with cancer. Help give Children with cancer like property the gift of growing up. Visit www dot well child cancer dot org's Ford slash Donate before the 30th of June 2019 and your gift will be doubled by the UK government tonight to give the gift of growing up before the 30th of June 2019 and your gift will be doubled by the UK government. Visit www dot well child cancer dot org's forward slash donate or text growing to seven double 85 to donate £4