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A sampling of documentary styles.

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English (North American)

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North American


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Julie was born on October 11th, 18 84. From early in her life, she showed a spunk and vivacity that drew family, friends and even strangers to her. That same charisma would one day captivate millions. At dawn on August 7th 1974 American Land Forces went on the offensive for the first time in the Second World War. No one had any idea how long, how bloody and how consequential the battle for Guadalcanal would be. We live in a society where image is important, especially for the majority of young people. And who could blame them? Everyone wants to look good, but what happens if this normal want becomes an obsession and impacts the way they are with food? The lions must hunt and find food soon, or they will die. Pride follows the herd, hoping to find an opening. The Cubs air too young to keep up and very soon will perish from hunger. Oliver Schmidt was not sharing what he knew with many of the U. S. Team, but the cheating and how to handle it was an open secret among many executives in Germany. Schmidt wrote an email posing a fundamental question about strategy for the first few million years after the son's birth. There are no worlds to see it rise. Just a vast cloud of dust and gas left over after the sun's formation. Burying their war dead in the heart of the English countryside suggests these Vikings are intending to stay. They may have come to conquer and pillage, but the Vikings are soon settling down the towns they overthrow, thrive and even turned into cities.