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This is an excerpt from Simone St. James' The Sun Down Motel.

Casual, realistic, youthful, millennial, young adult, relatable, natural, feminine, thoughtful, narrator

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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Samantha. Doc. Sir, I lifted my glasses and scratched the bridge of my nose, then lowered them again. Okay, I accept. He led a breath out, almost like he was relieved, which couldn't be right. But a girl can dream. So what happened with Alma? He said you wrote in your text that you would tell me. I sipped my beer again, a tight knot forming at the back of my neck. I had said that. But now I didn't want to tell him everything that had happened with Alma. Because I'd told her that Nick was here, which I was now sure I wasn't supposed Thio And she told me that Nick might not have been upstairs Like he said he waas. This was awkward. So I changed the subject. I figured something out. I told him instead. The woman who haunts this place was named Betty Graham. Nick blanked the woman who sat on my bed. Yes, that one. She was murdered in 1978 and her body was dumped here at the motel. It was a construction site at the time. She was a schoolteacher who lived alone. They never solved it. Here was why I couldn't stay mad at Nick Harkness. He put all of the pieces together right away. Your aunt disappeared only a few years later from the same place. What are the odds? It was two different guys. Exactly. I nearly shouted it, but kept my voice calm at the last second. There are others, too. Kathy Caldwell. Nick frowned, then closed his eyes, briefly remembering girl left under an overpass. That was two years later, Nick right in between Betty and Viv, and it was also unsolved.