Katrina Joyner 2022 Character Reel

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A brief collection of various characters, two of which are from projects I have participated in.

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Hi there. I'm Katrina Joyner. And it's time for the 2022 Demo Reel, why you were asking me just now about the dead. You've broken your trust. You've lived in sin and lies and blood. There's a man you killed lying at your feet this moment. And you ask me why for God's mercy. Mr Hands. That's why he is quiet enough now. It was only a passing fit of anger. He was hot and tired, and that pest of a dingo must have driven him wild, Michael. I I want you to turn on the no vacancy sign while I'm gone. I've got Denise covering room service. So don't bother with the rooms. The Todds make good enough by now. You just take my orders and we'll sail in and be done with it. Cut me a hunk of that. Or I've lost my knife and I'm too far gone to use it, anyhow. Take it. And God bless the deer. Your class. He was my son. He was my son. And that's the end.