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The morning routines and coffee habits. The quirks, many might have overlooked those tiny things. Build a real picture of them in our minds. Like the tune they hummed doing chores the way their eyes lit up, spotting their favorite dessert. Their distinctive shuffle through an old magazine, these little rituals that made them so real to us. And that's what really stays, think about it as planting seeds today for a garden tomorrow. But there's a twist, understanding the dance of risk and reward. As we delve into the world of investments, you'll learn to craft a portfolio that aligns with your financial dreams, both immediate and in the future. Are you ready to hop into the world of shapes? We have circles that are around like the loons squares that look like the boxes. Our toys come in in triangles that might remind you of a slice of pizza. Words like innovation, integrity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords to us. They're commitments and as we gear up for project Aurora this summer, let's rally together ensuring that our actions resonate with these core principles. Seat belts have a legacy of life saved and injuries prevented each time you hit the road, make sure you and your passengers are securely buckled up every journey, every mile prioritize safety.