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Demo with television narration samples ranging from the very serious war documentary to the whimsical reality series.

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okay. The plane banked sharply and accelerated. It would be barely a minute before the shockwave hit and no one knew how it would affect the aircraft. 53 seconds after releasing the bomb, the sky was filled with a flash brighter than anything the crew had ever seen as the city of Hiroshima burned below. The airmen aboard the Enola *** braced for impact. Now that the danger had passed, it was time for a bath, Sakura and her four cubs made their way to the edge of the pond, unsure. The tiny bears. First pot of the water with a nudge. Soccer sent McEwen first. Soon the entire family was frolicking, forgetting their earlier peril and look now get caught a fish terra gates was always somewhat less than a solid citizen. Boys became her biggest interest kicked out of college for offering intimate favors to her professors in exchange for grades. By age 30 she had amassed a fairly impressive resume of misdemeanors. This one was certainly the most tragic thing I've witnessed, even serving six months in the Maricopa county jail at one point for petty theft, but no one would have pegged her as a killer was rushed to the hospital where he later died. Was it really possible that this troublesome dropout beat a grown man to death over a parking space. It was 10 in the morning, but Mitchell wasn't going anywhere. Uh, four hours and seven years ago, the day seemed promising, Mitchell almost made it to his job interview if almost meant getting off the sofa and putting on pants. Now it was pretty clear. This would be another 12 beer Tuesday and probably by noon. I'll give it a shot. Brenda just hoped he wouldn't decide to go squirrel hunting again. She didn't have enough money to post bond. This time, The nurses were broken into four shifts, but that existed only on paper. Three were sick. Another six failed to show up for at least two days in a row at this tiny hospital outside of Milan, the virus that had only recently been named COVID-19 was striking with a terrifying ferocity. Right? Yeah. Mhm.