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David Attenborough Style Narration

Voice Over • Documentaries


David Attenborough

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Senior (55+)


British, England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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far beyond the reach of civilization, we step into a world from the past, a world of seemingly deserted landscapes, frigid coastlines and giants. Though the park is vast and seemingly desolate, life always seems to find a way. A mother polar bear, accompanied by her young cub make their way across a distant island beyond the bounds of the park, and for good reason a giant whale carcass awaits rotted to the bone. This is the perfect dinner for a growing cub. Polar bears seem to have made this place their own, But there are other beasts that occupy this vast land in the form of giants, massive cliffs 5000 ft high, spanning for thousands of kilometers at the top, there is total desolation with 100 km an hour winds. No life can exist here. The views, however, are simply breathtaking.