Audiobook Excerpt #3 from 'Pendants of Fate' series by Joel Hare

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I have been the narrator for the 'Pendants of Fate' series by Joel Hare, which is currently up on Audible. This excerpt is from the second book 'The Dawn of Destiny'.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Arsivus opened his eyes as he could feel his body as it
was hauled through stone corridors that were dimly lit. His feet
dangled on the ground as two thick arms were positioned around
his chest with an ever-tight grip. As he was hoisted up several
steps, a low grunt escaped from his lungs.
“Good, you are awake, and we have just arrived where
you had planned to journey all along.” A voice echoed from
behind him.
“Who are you? Where are we?” Arsivus responded.
As Arsivus was then carried down several flights of
steps, the voice rang out again, “You shall find out soon. But
more importantly, you will have a very important choice to
“What do you mean, a choice about what?” Arsivus
There was silence again as he was carried down several
more flights of stairs. Once they reached the bottom, he was put
in a chair facing a large pool of water that was as black as a
lightless night, and torches lined the room to give it light. “What
is the meaning of this? What do you want with me?” Arsivus
“Questions, questions, questions. They will all be
answered in time. But I wanted you to see this first.” As the
silhouette of a man dipped his arm into the black pool and
swirled it around, Arsivus could see the green pendant still
glowing around his neck. “The friends you traveled with; do you
trust them?” the voice asked.
“Of course I do; we would do anything for each other,”
Arsivus replied.
“If one of them were lost, would you ever stop your
search for them?” The voice asked again.
“No. Now, what is the meaning of this?” Arsivus
“I knew you would not; you would fight for anyone until
your last breath. But unfortunately, they do not feel the same
about you.” As the man finished his sentence, an image began to
take place in the pool of water before him.