Audiobook Excerpt #1 from 'Pendants of Fate' series by Joel Hare

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I have been the narrator for the 'Pendants of Fate' series by Joel Hare, which is currently up on Audible. This excerpt is from the first book 'A Knights Beginning'.

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In the Eastern Kingdom, on the edge of a cliff as far
east as a man could travel by foot stood the Castle Affinity.
Located at one of the highest peaks and towering over the vast
ocean far below, Affinity served as this land’s capital, with King
Thesias as its ruler. Looking down from the highest perch, it
seemed it would take a lifetime to reach the ocean if you were to
fall. Looking west, one could barely see past the mountaintops
barricading Affinity from the rest of the continent. Beyond was a
vast plain in which many creatures dwelled, and a most
humbling forest tamed the bravest knights to the north. On the
western border, sharp mountains arose from the earth
blocking most access to the sea. Across the
sea was where great horrors and dangers were said to reside.
This was where the Western Kingdom and Castle Towarden
were located. The king that ruled over that land was said to be
very powerful and evil, although he had not been seen for some
In between these great and beautiful kingdoms is where
our story begins. Set back from a rarely used crossing road
bearing the signs of old age and forgotten paths stood a little
wooden cabin in the Farmers Grotto that belonged to the family
of Kadath, Evra, and their newborn son, Arsivus. When Evra
gave birth to Arsivus, she and Kadath knew he was a special
child right from the start. He had very light blue eyes and brown
hair and was uncharacteristically silent during his young age.
From birth, Arsivus was a quick learner. He started crawling
very early and was walking and running much sooner than
ordinary boys his age. Arsivus’s craving for adventure and
knowledge increased with seemingly unbound potential. He was
ever so diligent in understanding and exploring things, not
fearing what lurked in the unknowns or what dangers roamed
about at night.