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imagine of Pakistan, where women and men are equal, where minority groups have equal rights and opportunities where citizens have an unshakeable trust in the state and the state becomes an example ofthe transparency on DH efficiency through the response fund of us wants to make a contribution to make this happen. On initiative that deals with various challenging social issues, the response Fund has implemented innovative projects by providing grants to community organisations working for social change at the cross roots level. Imagine a Pakistan where women and men had equal opportunities on dreamed the same dreams where every woman had a voice on a C in determining her and her family's future. Unfortunately, much needs to be done before we realise such a world for women, women are far from equal, and gender norms construct a strong social divide, which results in that exclusion from public spaces, underrepresentation in politics, all the general lack of awareness about how to obtain their rights. But while some may view these women in despair of our saw an opportunity an opportunity to mainstream thes voices off change, the Response fund is one such opportunity for women, an initiative that deals with various challenging social issues. The response fund aims to implement innovative projects by providing grants to community organisations in order to bring about a change from the grassroots level. In line with Abbas is strong resolve to increase women's with ability in public spaces and to give women a voice in politically decision making. The Response Fund is working to words improving accountability on promoting transparency of democratic processes by ensuring inclusiveness off all citizens, particularly marginalised groups. Several projects have been launched under the response fund, each with a specific objective. For example, in one such project, efforts are being made to ensure that model ised women from the Gypsy no magic communities get seeing. Isis aunt also ensured that birds and marriages in their communities are recorded. Other projects focus on capacity building off women so they can take on leadership roles, developing linkages to foster relationships, encouraging women to articulate their demands in an organised manner on DH awareness. Raising off women on the sensitive subject off domestic violence. Raising awareness and empowering women through educating them about their rights is a step towards bridging the gap in representation on DH, creating better opportunities for women and all of ours through its response fund projects, is taking small steps towards building a better tomorrow for the women off Pakistan. Pakistan is a multi faceted society with diverse religions on DH, a very rich culture people speak many different languages on belong to various ethnicities, although differences celebrated. But it is also this very difference that leads to conflict. For a complex society such as ours, interfaith dialogue and harmony are essential for peaceful co existence. However, in Pakistan, ethnic sectarian on religious conflicts are becoming embedded in the social fabric off society. Due to the increasing extremism, minority groups feel alienated on DH lack representation. The response fund launched by Abbas to talking very social issues in our country aims to change just that because V at Ava's believe sectarian and interfaith harmony is an essential prerequisite to promote a culture off peace and tolerance. The response fund provides grants to community organisations in order to bring about change from the grassroots levels. Although promoting interfaith harmony and raising awareness about conflict preemption presented of us with one of its biggest challenge yet. It also pushed us to be more innovative in our methods to achieve our objectives. Collaborating with its partner organisations of ours through its response fund was able to engage with communities using arch on DH music as part of one of the projects. A number ofthe songs were produced to spread the message of tolerance, these songs on themes of women's rights, education on religious intolerance, where then disseminated to a large audience through different channels. Similarly, to sensitise the youth to different religious beliefs, Diversity tours were organised to different religious worship places with an aim to promote acceptance to diversity on tolerance in communities. Another inventive approach to conflict preemption was taken through the development ofthe software to identify early trigger warning off conflicts to limit religious I'm sectarian violence. The issues faced by minority communities in getting ownership ofthe allotted lands were also highlighted through one off the response fund. Projects on minority groups were mobilised to strengthen their voices regarding land rights issues, although not something we can achieve overnight. We at of ours believed that with coordinated efforts and innovation in our approach, we can take small steps towards promoting a Pakistan where people from all religions, sects and ethnicities co exist peacefully and live in harmony, a country's growth and development is closely linked with its systems off accountability and transparency for both citizens on the state. The state is responsible for providing its citizens with equal opportunities on access to services. However, in a developing country like Pakistan, certain challenges hinder this development. Perhaps the biggest challenge Pakistan faces is the provision of adequate and affordable health and education services to with citizens, especially women on Children. The response fund launched by others to tackle very social issues in our country using innovative approaches, aims to change just that because we had of us realise that health and education, our basic human rights and not a privilege for just some segments off society. The Response Fund provides grants to community organisations in order to bring about change from the grassroots level through innovation in service delivery initiatives. The response find aims to foster accountability on transparency off services, especially in the education and health sectors. One such initiative, Estella Health Services, provided to select be its use in Mustafa Guard other projects, promoted accountability by highlighting service delivery issues to the government, especially in the sectors of health and education. Key issues in access were highlighted and communities were encouraged to assess the performance ofthe public services. A key achievement of the response fund has Bean to highlight and raise awareness off the educational challenges faced by visually impaired Children in KP. Not only was the government's attention drawn to this issue, solutions were provided toe all the stakeholders through a social media campaign to improve access and service delivery for the visually impaired. The response fund, through a number of projects, has demonstrated that service delivery for marginalised communities can be made better by empowering communities on encouraging them to take ownership off their problems. And we at others believe that these small initiatives have a potential to create a ripple onda achieve lasting change in the lives ofthe people who require it most. Although not something we can achieve overnight. We out of us believe that with coordinated efforts on innovation in our approach, we can take small steps, two words promoting a Pakistan where women and men are equal, where minority groups feel safe, where the state fulfils its responsibilities to with citizens on the people of this country, live in peace and harmony