Audiobook - More Than A Vampire



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We used to dance. Oh, how we danced We danced through the banquet halls of the Palais Cardinal The night it opened We danced through all of the great halls and small taverns of Europe. We danced for 57 years and she was as beautiful as the day I met her. Some people just say that the difference that for us it's true. We don't age, okay? Never does. From the day we are turned, we have been called many things drug gang she a chemo for most know us as vampires. I knew the moment I laid eyes on her that she was it for me like magnetism. I was drawn to her. Each step felt like a moment closer to destiny. She wore a beautiful green silk sleeveless dress that matched her emerald eyes. It made us stand out. The ladies of the time prefer long sleeves with their evening attire. I went with my standard silver and black doublet. The room smelled of expensive wine in a multitude of different perfumes. It overwhelmed me as I entered the main room. I'm not much for these types of parties. I mean, the musicians were great. The violins and cellos were echoing through the room. Brilliantly. I get a little claustrophobic with so many people walking around each other. The best part was your deserves. Tiny little sausages in between sweet bread. I began to walk towards her. I like to think I'm a pretty suave gentlemen. But when faced with such radiance, the only thing that I could come up with was Hello there. Yes, she couldn't have answered with a more disinterested statement. Would you like to dance? I had to recompose myself and get my words together. Why don't you go find another girl with whom to fornicate with? She responded. I stopped thinking about what to say and let my instincts take over. All of these girls are just pray. I want a woman who knows how to hunt. Are you of the night? She looked up at me and smiled a bit as she spoke the code of our kind to identify themselves to one another. I am one of the night. I nodded