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as a reading tutor, there are several ways to help Children learn a new word. One is through phonics, sounding it out. This is the most common method. It's all about taking with the child already knows about sounds and applying them to new letter combinations. However, that's only one tool they can use. Let's look at some others before you start building your investment portfolio. The first step is to identify your goals. Are you planning for retirement? If so. What's your time horizon? Are you trying to make money in the short term? If so. What's your risk tolerance? These questions will get you started on the right path. When Danny thomas was a struggling actor, he said a prayer to ST jude, and during that prayer he made a promise. If he ever found success in Hollywood, he would build a shrine in ST jude's honor. 10 years later, when his show make room for daddy became a hit Danny thomas came through on that promise. And ST jude's hospital was born also with crystal clarity. His senses were so heightened he could smell not just roasting flesh, but the rosemary with which it had been rubbed, could hear not only the calm rhythm of his breath, but the title murmur of his blood climbing, brain word on one side of his neck and descending, hard word on the other