Faerie tale- princess and the ball

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Me just telling a quick little fairy tail of a princess and her ball. All voices are me

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this evening. I would like to tell you a little tale, a tale about a little queen that started out just like you, a little princess. She had her days of running around inside of the castle playing with her ball bouncing it really high heading it on the ceiling, rolling it on the ground, watching it, rolling it downstairs, watching it bounce all the way down. Mhm mm hmm. Then one day she was bouncing and playing with her ball, it was a big big blue ball had little gold stars all over it. She was bouncing it so high and the ball got away from her and fell out the window. It went so far away, she didn't know what to do. So she went to the king and said I lost my ball, can you help me get it back? And the king said we'd all have all these people around here to go chasing balls. But please father, this is my only ball, my favorite ball. So be it. So the princess and one of her father's knights went outside the castle to look for the ball. They went through the woods all the way in until they saw this little shack and they were wondering I wonder who lives here said the night, I don't know but I'm scared, said the princess, I'll go check the night, went inside and found that there was a little fairy that lived inside and the fairy had the ball and was playing with it. MS ferry can can I have my ball back please? I don't see why not as long as you share. Said the fairy. Okay so the night asked the fairy if she would like to come back to the castle to be the princesses best friend where they can share the ball and play all day. Yes sir I would I would love that. And so the night escorted the princess and the ferry back to the grand castle and she took the ferry in front of her father and introduced her friend daddy. This is my new friend the fairy. She is so sweet. She wanted to come here and actually play with me. Oh I see said the father tell me fairy will you be friends with my daughter? Yes sir mm hmm. Will you watch out for my daughter? Yes sir. Will you make sure that her ball doesn't go over the castle wall again? I will do everything in my power to make sure the princess is safe and sound. Mm hmm.