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Troy Public Radio - Renaming Bibb Graves Hall to John Robert Lewis Hall

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as a teenager in the late fifties, Lewis apply to then all white Troy State College. He did not get a response until 1989 when Troy awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2018. Lewis talked about the importance of education at the Black Leadership Conference in Troy. Help our Children sit at all of our Children. Get the best possible education as leaders. After nationwide protests against racial injustice, Student government association President Nicole John says students petitioned to rename the building. They just believed with circumstances that have been this year in this summer that it would be best just for a more united university and a positive university. So on Wednesday, Choice board of trustees voted on the resolution, and the decision was unanimous. All in favor on Chancellor Jack Hawkins is proud of the effort. Toe honor Lewis. He was a giant of a man, and I think it speaks volumes about the diversity of this university and the vase of this university, and we proudly take this step into the future. For more information on the newly named John Robert Louis Hall on Troy's main campus, visit troy dot today for the talk of Troy, I'm Cotino. Would Sistrunk