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from the moment you got up today. Think how many things you did using your hands. Now think of the loss of your hand or a severe injury to one or more fingers. How would that impact your job and your life? Our goal at Neenah Foundry is to have each and every employee walked out of this facility safe and reduce our injury rate to zero Onley. Men were recruited for the Continental Army, but a few women I would distinguish themselves on the front lines. Molly Pitcher became a popular nickname for women who carried water to quench the thirst of weary soldiers and cool the cannons between rounds of fire. My story begins on December 25th 1934. Gold Prospector, a doctor and a movie producer for my Founding Fathers. Yes, indeed, I am part of the oldest racetrack in Southern California. They say my style is Art Deco, but I'm fine with being called the Grand stand at the Great Race place. Santa Anita Park, Ashland Incorporated subscribes to the responsible care commitment of the American Chemistry Council. Some chemicals at this site might be flammable, combustible, corrosive or toxic. Some materials, such as oxidizer can ignite or promote combustion in other materials. PIRA for IQ materials can ignite spontaneously in air. Other materials, like organic peroxide scan give off flammable vapors as they decompose. What if there were a place that a bright young man or woman could learn and train for a good paying career with great benefits and a pension program? And what if it were free to the students? What if that student could hold down a regular job in that field, turning seniority and on the job skills while training well, there is just such a place at the Joint Apprenticeship Training Center here on Decatur Road in northeast Philadelphia. Paying for the cost of these improvements to Pennsylvania's aging natural gas infrastructure is a problem that's begging for resolution. It has been for decades now, finally, with the introduction of disk or distribution systems improvement charge, upgrades can be made sensibly by ensuring a minimal financial impact to consumers by spreading the costs evenly among customers