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We used to think our own galaxy, the Milky Way, was the entire universe, and it was enormous. After all, our galaxy is a vast ocean of 200 billion stars. It was dazzling to think about the possibilities. Then, in the 19 twenties, using a powerful telescope, a man named Hubble discovered something we're still struggling to comprehend. Many of those things we thought were stars turned out to be other Galaxies, like our own. Scientists found 10 then thousands, ultimately billions of other Galaxies, each with billions of its own stars. In fact, the universe is a 1,000,000,000 times larger than we thought. It also has even the most conservative scientists thinking that we're not alone, that there may be life on other planets, not just a couple but on millions of planets across the Galaxies. Deep beneath Europe's highest mountain is one of the world's longest road tunnels. It carries millions of motorists every year and did so in absolute safety until one spring morning. A truck on a routine delivery run breaks down in the middle of the tunnel and burst into flames. It takes just seven minutes for the tunnel to turn into a terrifying death trap. 45 drivers are caught and perish in the world's worst road tunnel catastrophe. Ah ah, Young elephant takes the first wobbly steps after birth in the Heartland of Kilimanjaro, named after its majestic mountain, the highest peak in all of Africa. This'll little lady will enjoy all that region has to offer, including semi arid savannas and wetlands growing up amidst several diverse ecosystems that connect the circle of life in Kilimanjaro. Other inhabitants, great and small of this beautiful Heartland include the regal lion on the majestic eagles. All of the animals will influence the life of our little friend. Treading carefully behind her mother, the young elephant learns to follow her elders, gaining a sense of safety and belonging. Eyes, now the newest member of the herd but will someday established herself as the leader of her own herd. But her time will come soon enough. In leading the way. Leave defined consulting engineering as the service based business of generating solutions to a wide range of situations. We provide study, design and construction phase services to industrial, municipal and institutional clients from our main office and Syracuse, as well as our other offices across the country. That is the simple direct definition of who we are and what we dio. O Brien and Year Engineers was started as a small consulting engineering firm but is now recognized as a leader nationwide.