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The search for soul and spirit is a quest for depth meaning and faith transcending boundaries of gender, age, geography and race. It's as fresh and specific to our time as the latest high tech gadget. It's a counterforce to the modern technical mindset that can toss people into orbit and put a smartphone in every pocket. Yet provides few answers for bringing joy to life meaning to work or integrity and conviction to leadership. This movement travels an age old path that is not confined to religious or mystical traditions. Atheists and Muslims, christians and humanists, agnostics, Buddhists and many more all embark on the same quest. They see different things along the way, but all seek answers to the same fundamental spiritual questions that are basic to being human. Even the rationalism that governs much of managerial thinking serves for some as a spiritual anchor. The view that people and organizations are essentially rational entities that respond to incentives is a powerful tool and managerial practice. It also serves as a theology for many adherence, but one that is often unfulfilling because it cuts believers off from soul and spirit. Our approach is inclusive, open to all these perspectives and more if you arrive deeply committed to your religious faith, join us on the journey. If you are convinced that the idea of God is absurd or traditional religion is mere superstition. We welcome you as well. Regardless of where you begin. We honor your search and seek to support it. Our goal is not to teach a specific theology or philosophy but to pose questions and stimulate reflection to help you deepen the faith you have or find the one you need, we invite you to become a co author, treat the stories and ideas in these pages as a stimulus and a starting point fill in the gaps you find in what we have produced by writing your own story and exploring your own path. Look for opportunities to share your reflections and questions with others. We hope the book can guide you on the journey of the soul that is vital to building inspired and inspiring leadership.