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This is an important genre right now going into an election. I have included, serious, comedic, satirical, concerned mom, supportive, and hard-edged copy. Please consider me for your needs this election year!

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it's time to lower our carbon footprint and build the industries of the future. Support Angie Craig today to make the world better tomorrow. Come on, Donald. You've made a mockery of the people of the United States. The facts are clear. Filling your cabinet with family members who have no experience. Senator Tammy Baldwin is ranked among the 10 best U. S. Senators for the environment and believes healthcare is a right, not a privilege. You know, being a mom, I want to be able to look my daughter in the eye and say, I did my best to fight against things that are just not okay but the lies when it comes to supporting our schools. Representative Dave Pinto earned an A grade. Not only does he meet with teachers in our community and listen to their concerns, Republicans Tad Cochran and Kevin Cramer are rubber stamps for the Trump agenda. Now they're hiding from their records with no achievements. Toe highlight GOP has resorted to distorting the truth and lying to voters