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Radio Rock imaging: Alpha male, Cool, Good times, Aggressive, Fun, Rock'n'Roll

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Radio Imaging Demo for Rock/Alternative Genre

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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scientists agree the evolution of rock began here 95.7. The point. You know those TV shows with people who have strange addictions? Well, instead, we can't stop listening to Foo Fighters. Thing is a story about Temic. Hi, Timmy didn't know where to find his favorite new rock. Timmy found all 97 now hardly ever changes the freakin channel. Be like tea. Often regarded as the two greatest rock bands to ever exist, rock music owes a lot to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Ah, spring time of the year. You start seeing colors outside again, you feel refreshed and, most of all, ready to go to Coachella. 107 0.1 piece wants to send you to Coachella to see headliners The Killer Somebody Way. They are the bands that formed your taste in music and generations before it, after you and they're not done yet. The best classic rock. Okay, what, No one listen at 11 AM and three PM every week, day for a classic rock double shot. That's back to back songs from your favorite rock legend, so you'll hear a song from Let's Say, Think of the Zone app as a magic button. One touch transports you to a lend of music, concerts, contests and everything happening in the city. Put some magic in your pocket. Download the app today 101.1 the zone.