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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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What brings you in today? Ah, you mean car toys? Best dang brand sale ever. Pioneer Alpine, infinity garment. All on sale. Way to go. They did. I want one of those $30 rebates. Does that mean I gotta like by something you do me the honor of being my life? Yes. Yes, he's you fool. You made me the happiest man alive. Not yet, but I'm about to. Your camera. Phone, car, toys. Hey, I like going down the river in these rapids. Reminds me of that movie Deliverance, Theo. That's amazing, I say, And the monkey agrees. Then we're all driving away in my new silent have ears yelling at me to turn on the windshield wipers. But it isn't raining. Oh, yeah, my email address. It's I am fabulous at ladies man dot com The next day at school. Hi, Johnny. Hey there, Stacy. Gosh, You look swell. Thanks, Johnny. Say, who taken to the Macy's one day sale? What? You mean you don't have a date yet? That's great. We can go together. I need to pick out a dress. Shoes. You're in your You need to buy me a course on rent a tux. Definitely. Get a haircut. I'm so excited to see you Saturday. What the